Snowstorm Strands Band In Charlottesville

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Workers at Martin Hardware in Charlottesville took on an unusual task Saturday. They delivered emergency snow supplies to a famous singer and his band to get their stranded tour bus out of town.

Workers at Martin Hardware loaded up their truck with bags of salt and sand to help Robert Earl Keen and his band members get out of the snow.

Saturday wasn't a day of heavy foot traffic for workers at Martin Hardware in Charlottesville. Workers say earlier this week these dead aisles were filled with people stocking up on last minute items.

"Lines of people all the way to the back of the store, said Brian Cecil of Martin Hardware.

Saturday was a day to play catch up and also take on a very unusual task.

Robert Earl Keen and his band have been together for 20 years. They hail from Texas. On Thursday they performed in Charlottesville and have been stranded in the city due to the storm.

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