Robert Earl Keen Talks About the Importance of a Good Audience, Being a Legend, Songwriting + More in an Exclusive Interview

Robert Earl Keen‘s contribution to music has been immeasurable over his 30-year career. His own music has earned the Houston-native and Texas Aggie legendary status all by itself, but his influence on the current generation of musicians makes Keen an icon. With a long-overdue visit to Abilene later this week (7/5), Robert took time to visit with the KEAN Afternoon Show to talk about the show, his music, writing, and pretty much anything else.

The first portion of my conversation with REK discussed his first visit to the Abilene area in “It seems like a coon’s age, as they say…I have some really good friends (in Abilene) and some of them are coming out to see me…I do like the idea of catching up with old friends and family.” He talked about his latest CD, ‘Ready For Confetti’ and how he’s glad with its success. “It did really well”, says Keen, “particularly the song ‘I Gotta Go’ was picked up by numerous people and it’s one of those songs that I can play from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon and as soon as you start it, everybody knows it and starts singing along…That song, in my world, would be considered a smash hit.”. Take a listen:

Listen to the interview here.