The Online Party Never Ends was a night dedicated to YOU, the fans!

The Online Party Never Ends was a night dedicated to YOU, the fans!

Thank you to all who took the time to sit back, relax and watch Robert from the comfort of your own home. From Antarctica, Shanghai, Afghanistan, Germany and all throughout the states, YOU made the night a great success.

During the show you lit Facebook and Twitter on Fire! Here's what YOU were saying during the broadcast:

"The format was superb. Your songs are always meaningful. Yet after hearing the motivation behind each one, now I understand why. Do this again!"
"Watched the whole show and it was a special treat on a Friday evening for sure. Made my weekend."
"Watching live in Brisbane Australia!"
"Here in Afghanistan hopefully the internet is fast enough for me to stream video!"
"Cowgirl watching your show live in Honolulu!!!! Thank you!!"
"Thanks for a great birthday present!"
"We have this blasting thought the house. Really awesome!"
"Working and listening, excellent!!"
"Had a wonderful time watching great to sing along with our favorites!"
"Enjoying the show. Spent the day on a tractor! I need this!!"
"REK & Chicken Tacos,..... nothin' like Dinner and a Show !! thanks Robert Earl !!"

Once again a massive thank you to our sponsors, Tito's Vodka, Pedernales Brewing Co. and BubbleUp. We would also like to thank Kevin Conner for doing and awesome job as our host and the all the great folks at The Rattle Inn and Ranch 616 and most of all...we want to thank YOU, our fans! This one was for YOU!!

Check back soon for additional replay times of "The Online Party Never Ends - Live from the Rattle Inn"