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Come on in, pull up a chair

Posted on 09.30.2008

I want to be the first one to welcome you to the all new, bright and shiny As you can see we have a brand new design and all kinds of new stuff. We’ve been working hard on this for a long time and in a small way, it is our way of saying “thanks” to all of you for your support. You guys have been great to me and the band for so long, and we want you to know how much we appreciate it.

Be sure to check out the Front Porch. This area of the site was designed to be a place to “hang out”. It has photos, REK TV (I always wanted my own TV station), a discography, a sweet little juke box called REK Radio with some tunes you might know, and a forum. We also have a brand new store, so check that out too. If you haven’t already done it, sign up for email updates so we can keep you up to date on what we are doing. We also have a special surprise for all of you coming soon. We did a show in Marfa, TX this year and will be giving the entire show away for free, as an mp3 download. This is not just a board tape of another live show, this is a mixed and mastered version of an intimate fun performance, exactly the kind of show people ask for at the merch table when I am signing. Yep, it’s free – just another way of saying thanks.

Thanks again and we hope you enjoy the site. Hope to see you down the road, down the road that goes on forever.


P.S. As many of you know 2009 will be the 20th year anniversary of “The Road Goes On Forever”. Stay tuned to the site for more information about it, coming very soon.

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