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Happy Hallow-weenie and more...

Posted on 10.31.2008

Have ya got a minute? Wanted to start by saying “thanks” to all of you who have sent in comments about the new site. We appreciate your kind words. Heck, we did it for you, so to know you like it makes us feel good. Wanted to also give you an update on what is happening in my crazy world. So, here goes…

We’ve added a bunch of new tour dates for November and December, so if you get a chance, come out and see us. We’ll be in LA, SC, AL, DC, MD, PA, VA, AR, TN, MS and TX (damn, the road really does go on forever) throughout November and December. Should be some good times.

In January, a tribute album to Robert Earl Keen (yea, that’s me) will be coming out. My good friends including Bonnie Bishop, Jason Boland, Wade Bowen, Cody Canada, Chris Knight, Cory Morrow, Randy Rogers Band and Reckless Kelly, among others, all have cuts. I am truly honored and excited about the whole thing. We’ll be announcing more details on the site soon, so stay tuned….

The free Marfa download is going like hotcakes with a side of guacamole. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded it so far and if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? It’s free. Like no cost, nada, zero, nil. A little something for you guys, on me.

If you are keeping score, 2009 will be the 20th anniversary of when I wrote “The Road Goes On Forever”, and we have some cool stuff planned. Stay tuned to the site for more information on that too.

One last thing. I have finally got all of my albums up in the store a digital downloads. I am excited to finally be able to offer these direct to my fans. I appreciate all of you who have bought them so far – much thanks. All the songs are in mp3 format so that means you can play them on any mp3 player, including your iPod.

We hope to see you out on the road between now and the end of the year. God bless all of you and thanks again for all of your support. You guys make the world go ‘round for me and the boys in the band. And oh yea, Happy Halloween. I was planning on dressing up. So, throw me some ideas by adding a comment to this blog. You never know….

Til next time


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