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Did Someone Say New Album?

Posted on 03.10.2009

Lots of stuff going on, not sure where to start. Ok, how about this. We have a new album coming out (drum roll please)ÖÖ.this Fall. Weíve been working hard on it and itís shaping up to be quite a gem. One cool thing about the new album is the entire band is featuredÖwhich if you know my band, it has to be good. We also have some guest vocals from Billy Bob Thorton and my good friend and fellow songwriter Greg Brown. The album is produced by Lloyd Maines (can I get a Hell Yeah!!). If you donít know Lloyd, the man is a country music stud both as a legendary steel guitarist and producer. Stay tuned to the site as we will keep you up to date as much as we can on its release.

Other cool stuff happening: we have a new book out, check that out when you get time. Itís a heck of a read. And donít forget about The Road Goes On Forever contest we have going on right now on the site. You can send us your photos, videos and/or stories. The best one gets featured in my new documentary. So, send Ďem on. You canít win it if you donít get it in.


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